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The Truth About Photography From Me to You

Well That the Experts Don’t Want You to Know

After you have the very best image selected, you can attempt to improve it should you have some kind of image processing program. If you’re intent on the truth and taking photos then an inexpensive DSLR is a good way to begin. Most nude photographs are created for private use and meant to be viewed solely by the topic and their existing partner. Portraits also have changed through the years.

An excellent thing about photography is you may observe the results instantly. Nude photography isn’t erotic photography where the purpose is to suggest sexuality. Wedding photography can be extremely stressful and a lot of hard work. Sri Lankan Wedding Photography isn’t complete only by taking a wedding photo, additionally, it includes in making a complete wedding album. Aside from these basic lights, some expert photographers utilize as much as a dozen lights in their studios, hence the chances are practically endless. Photographers who focus on headshots require specialized lighting setups to be able to present high-quality, the truth, and detailed shots.

Understanding Photography Truth

In addition, there are a slew of books out there. The book is full of examples of the way to take nice and intriguing shots in any scenario. It is useful for anyone who is going to get into photography. It’s the very best photography book ever.

photography truth

When you find the last outcome of an expert portrait photography session, you could be amazed! You can now analyze the results on the rear of the camera. It doesn’t work nicely in poor lighting conditions and doesn’t get the job done at all in dark scenes.

Flash bulbs shouldn’t be too effective and may be used to advantage at an oblique angle. You might another lamp for a fill-in to lessen shadows resulting from the most important light. Lighting can be completed in such a wide variety of ways. There are lots of reasons that fluorescent lighting may be awful situation for photographers, but among the most common is the lovely yellow tint it leaves over the whole photograph.

Illumination is merely the very first step and reasoning for appropriate lighting. With portraits you’ll be able to get by with a couple of lights if needed. In the second method, the vital light is put over the camera to be able to illuminate the subject’s face flatly. Cool lights offer an alternate to hot lights. In regards to purchasing lights and kits, shoppers should think about looking online for the very best selection.

The Key to Successful Photography

Cameras control the quantity of light taken in an image by two primary ways. Additionally, you’ll eventually must learn the way your camera works as a way to find the absolute most out of your tool. The camera is made to order. Most digital cameras also will come with integrated editing features. If you’re employing a digital camera, the price of errors is absolutely free. In case you have a digital camera and wish to try your hand at astrophotography, but don’t really understand where to begin, you’ve arrive at the appropriate place! In addition, this is why it’s one of my preferred cameras for shooting short movies and videos.

Harvard’s Map listing of Sacramento embroidery shop

Harvard provides a world map listing of Sacramento’s premiere embroidery and screen printing shop

Last week I recieved a call from a buddy to go take a look at and photograph the prestigous Ivy League research university, that is Harvard. Now grant you, this is the fine institution where notibles such as Mark Zuckerberg, Conan O’ Brien, and my favorite Jeremy Lin attended. Worth noting, the famous embroidery bookmark that’s over one hundred years old too.


Eager to get going we broke out the laptop and hopped on one of them online reservation/booking sites, which I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with, and booked a trip to Cambridge Massachusetts the next week. Since we’re in Sacramento, the question was do we fly first class or not, eh, who cares! let’s do the first class. Why not, in first class, even though you do pay a premium, one gets more leg room and other ammenities such as all the alcohol one can consume. LOL. That was enough reasoning there, so first class it is, and Harvard we come!

Next, we didn’t know what to wear. I mean, we had to represent Sacramento and northern california didn’t we? So we called up our favorite local embroidery Sacramento shop 7Prints to get some ideas on how we can best do that. We’ve decided that we were going to have them make us some custom embroidered baseball hats and jerseys. Bamn! We paid the rush charge because we really needed these. A few days later, the items were delivered and those look awesome. Now we had our gear.

embroidery sacramento patch
Embroidery Sacramento patch

All that is left is what camera for me to bring and how much other additional photography equipment I should bring. I think I’ll bring my DSLR Nikon, with enough lens to zoom a mile away. Just kidding my lens go not go ou that far. What else should I pack in my bag, hmmmm, this may sound a bit embarrassing but heck, I’m going to bring a self stick too. Afterall, we are going to Harvard now. Of course can’t forget the memory for the cameras now. Believe it or not but I was able to pack over 10 terrabytes of storage. I will not be one of them folks who second thoughts whether a shot may be worth the additional storage or not. Nope, not me.

The day soon came and it was time to board our flight to the east coast, As anxious as were were to visit Harvard and Boston, we took the flight that had a layover in New York, yeah of all places. Anyways, I will post more pics after the trip.

Sandy X.

The Hmong people of Thailand

The Hmong people of Thailand

I recently went to Thailand on vacation and took some awesome photography of the hill tribe Hmong people. It was a very inspiring  trip. The pictures from my small basic camera came out and exposed really nice and I thought I blog about it a little there.

Hmong People

The Hmong are one of the categories of hill tribes who are living in the Thailand. In this region, you can find 2 main sub categories called as Blue and White. The Hmong people are usually found in the regions like Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and China. These people have migrated to Thailand from the regions like Laos and China.

How Hmong people entered the Thailand?

The Hmong people have located in the hills of Thailand, and they have carried out their traditional shifting cultivation in correspondence to isolation and peace. You can find approximately more than 60,000 Hmong people are living in North east part of the Thailand. Along with this, there are 50,000 of people were living as a refugee in the Thailand region. First, Hmong people have entered this region with small groups by crossing the Mekong River. After some years, they have moved to the northern state of Phetchabun, later they have joined their relatives in Ban Huay Nam Khoa.

The main occupation of Hmong people is cultivating opium poppy. But after a government took initiative, these people gradually modified their ways and they begin to sell the needlework that is beautifully designed. You know, the Hmong people are professional in the needlework. They make their clothes by themselves; they used to sell those clothes to others. This category of people is animists, and they are strong believers in spirits.

Essential information about Hmong clothes

As already mentioned above, these categories of people make their clothes of their own and, you know, traditionally the Hmong clothes are tiresome and quite heavy to wear with several layers. The amount of the silver worn are mainly utilized to reflect the wealth back in Thailand and Laos, but this kind of representation has modified in the United States.

Hmong Clothes

Most of them believed that wearing the Hmong clothes in America is now becoming a way to remember and show the appreciation of Hmong culture. The Hmong groups are often named after the Supreme patterns and colors of their traditional clothing, unique style of headdress and the states which they have come from. For instance, the Green Hmong used to wear colorful skirts, white Hmong’s wear full white skirts and the striped Hmong’s wear tops with the stripes. Hmong clothes are usually designed with silver and embroidery. The Hmong men will produce the items of wood and musical instruments. In addition to this, they are skilled as gunsmiths and blacksmiths.

Modern Day Hmong Clothes and People

Well, not all clothes are traditional, in fact there’s a trend in rising modern wear as well, or what we call urban Hmong Clothes. The site reference there depicts a style that appeals to the traditional as well as hip young Hmong People folks who likes to adorn the Tojsiab style or brand.

Find a Podiatrist to take care of your feet!

Got a call from a new client in town. He is a local Podiatrist in Sacramento, CA. Wanted me to spend a day in their office and take some pictures of clients feet for promotion to their website valleyfootdoctors. I’ve been in business a long time and have seen practically all types of medical conditions but for some reason, seeing conditions of the feet is more impactful. Maybe because if we don’t take good care of our feet or have medical conditions, the consequences can be serious as we all depend on our feet for mobility and is a major part of our livelihood. With that said I have done some research on the topic and decided to write more about it to further educate everyone here.

Check out some of these pictures I took that will make you want to take very good care of your feet.


Ingrown Toenail


Through stretches, products of foot care and exercises, shape of the feet can be retained. Still, some feet problems can be observed due to certain kinds of circumstances. In order to deal with the issue perfectly, it is better to contact a podiatrist. Self treatment may not be applied at this situation.

Best possible option is generally ensured with a podiatrist in the hand. In case of health issues such as diabetes or blood pressure, little bit of problem can take a severe turn quite naturally. In case a patient is in constant care of physician due to pregnancy, obesity or aging then it is better to discuss the feet issue with a trusted and reputed foot doctor. Best possible treatment can be found for you by the physician.

Some of the feet issue cannot be treated with the home remedies. Therefore, requirement of feet physician must not be ignored at any given occasion. General guidelines must be followed in order to select a podiatrist. In case discomfort with the heel pain is enhanced beyond control then professionals must be contacted. Increased amount of pain showcases something wrong in the region. Experts must be consulted in such situation to deal with the issue. The areas of pain can be detected in the process by the podiatrist quite easily.

How to locate podiatrist

Types of podiatrist

Prior to the selection of podiatrist, it is necessary to know that there are several divisions of podiatry. Specialization is done by the podiatrist on injuries related to sports in several occasion. Therefore, it is better to look for a podiatrist with good education. Injured players are often treated by the podiatrist. Feet activity can be made normal with the treatment quite easily.

Through bio-medical podiatry, it becomes possible to know the duration of treatment. To deal with the issues related to pain on daily basis, physician can be contacted as well. Orthotics generally tries to cure the feet issues with different kinds of tools and devices.

From the surgical podiatrist, you can expect a treatment through surgical means. Therefore, according to the requirement, professionals can be contacted. In case you have been suffering from diabetes then it is better to call a sports podiatrist.


Simple research online enables you to get a list of podiatrist. Reviews can be read in order to make distinction between good and bad professionals. Lots of information can be obtained in the process. However, complete knowledge about the doctor’s performance may not be obtained even then. Therefore recommendation can be asked from family and friends. From the general physical, referral can be obtained at the same time.

Hospital Affiliation

Most of the doctors are affiliated with the hospitals now-a-days. If the podiatrist is associated with an excellent hospital then the professional can be considered as a good podiatrist. For a serious injury, patient can be taken to the hospital immediately without any hassle. In some occasion, limited focus is noticed with a DPM. For special injuries, benefits can be obtained from these doctors.

Sandy X.

Virtual Photos For A Virtual Company

NOTE: We had to update some of the context below as part of the language may not have been the most appropriate for all our readers.

This one’s pretty interesting. So I received a call from a Sacramento SEO company last Friday. It was a beautiful sunny and 80 degrees. The name of the business and the owner is related to another company I had recently worked with. For those of you who doesn’t know what SEO stands for, it is “search engine optimization”. Essentially, what this company does is optimizes local Sacramento sites with web design and optimization SEO services, serving as a consultant.

Sacramento, CA at night

I met with the owner, who’s a actually the SEO expert himself. He said that he had moved to Sacramento from the Bay Area over a decade ago. Before venturing into SEO and helping companies obtain higher Google and Bing rankings, he was in charge of website design and communications for the Bay area territory. Although he enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the big city, he says that he had found a home up here in Northern California. Now, he works with companies from all over the valley. He provides customer services and technical support to people from Fairfield, Dixon, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Lincoln, Folsom, and Cameron Park. That’s not too big of a region.

Who can use this service

So what types of companies could use SEO? He said all types, pretty much ranging from your mom and pop shop to a fortune 500 company. Anybody can benefit from a higher ranking and thus more customer web traffic. The web traffic leads to more interest, exposure, and conversion.

What was I suppose to do there? It’s not like he had products or a big fancy showroom. Turns out, he wanted me to follow him to meet some clients and take some business relations pictures and get testimonies. So it was an easy gig.

We spend the entire day traveling from one company to another, making business connections and networking. We met people who worked out of their homes to ultra secured facilities which require a high level of clearance. Snap this, snap that, flash here, flash there, and call it a wrap. Easy money.

One thing that was memorable to me was during lunch, when I asked him more about his business structure and how he finds customers. He said mostly from of course the internet as he is ranked at the top of Google in Sacramento so it was easy to find him. He also is pretty involve in social networking and going to meet and greet functions as well in the community.

Sandy X.

Photography for T-shirt Design in a Sacramento Shop

One would think an art form that’s over 100 years old like printing or screen printing in this case would be easy for a photographer. Sad to say it still hasn’t evolved much. Well, screen printing, anyways. Today, even though one can get  custom t-shirt printing online and produced in other decorated methods such as digital printing, embroidery, sublimation, or even a transfer, it’s roots are still traditional. With all these avenues, screen printing is still the dominant method to get t-shirts printed, and it’s because it scales so well when printing 24 or more apparel.

One of the print shops I worked with in a Sacramento fundraising event was  7Prints, and they don’t see it going away anytime soon. For one, the ink has now evolved to have many options as well. The two common ones are  plastisol, which is pretty grounded down plastic with solutions, and then there’s water-based. Although there is movement towards the greener water based inks, plastisol is still king. Plastisol now comes in PVC and phthalate free. The reason why plastisol is so popular is because, you guessed it cheap, and the savings can be passed onto the customer. Most printed t shirts are typically worn for specific purposes, such as family reunions, church, volunteers, the physical activities for team sports.

Back at the shop, where I sent them a high definition photograph of the President of a marketing firm. He did not want to spend the extra cost in producing full color t-shirts, instead opted for only 2 color. He also wanted his company logo printed on the same shirt as well. As much magic as they worked with the color separations, and graphic cleanup, it came out beautifully considering the colors of the photo was reduced to two and the resolution also scaled down a bit to be printed on the shirt material or substrate.

Embroidery and photographs? That’s a story for another day. Imaging using thread and needle to produce the resolution of the artwork? Wow, you actually have to see it to believe it.  As you can see from this embroidery video they provided of a logo digitization, it’s pretty interesting.

As I travel through this path of photography for business applications, it has open up my eyes to a different way of looking at the world.


Sandy X.

Special thanks to 7Prints for their time and courtesy in explaining the screen printing and embroidery process. Please visit them at for more information or additional services they provide.

My Thoughts on Photography for Internet Businesses

Everyone loves photography, whether the topic be family, sports, or a wedding, there’s nothing that captures memories and emotions like it. For our every day live, it’s simple.

However, utilizing photography for non emotional topics like internet and business, is different as it’s usually on more absract ideas and visions.

This blog will pretty much be based upon project experiences and is my vessel for a journal and documentation. I will limit the scope to only high level over views and not focus so much on the technical details aspect of the camera such as the lens type, lighting, apertures, etc. You get the idea.

As you can see discussing photography for an Internet business, some of which have no retail space can be somewhat interesting compared to a typical brick and mortar establishment. In the typical retail setting, you have clothing, fruits, cars, etc. All you need here it good lighting and it’s literally a snap.

There are pros and cons in regards to photography for each. I would say that a major pro for an Internet Business is that the start up cost in equipment is less as ninety percent of the quality of the photos or videos will only be displayed on the computer screen or mobile phone.

For example, here’s a Youtube video reviewing value cameras or camcorders, of which are a bargain and can be had for less than 500 dollars from Amazon.

Lastly, a huge challenge in photographing for Internet Businesses is finding customers when most of your customers are hidden behind computer screens. It’s not likely you will bump into them at the supermarket or something. Therefore, you need to really tune into and sharpen your marketing skills as well.

Anyways, back to the topic. I have been in the business for over a decade and used to own my own studio and crew. But doing wedding parties and videos have burnt me out and I was blessed to have some great customers and support from friends and family. Now, refreshed from Hawaii, after a year long hiatus, it is time to get back into the scene with a new start. Time to bring it!

Sandy X.