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Virtual Photos For A Virtual Company

NOTE: We had to update some of the context below as part of the language may not have been the most appropriate for all our readers.

This one’s pretty interesting. So I received a call from a Sacramento SEO company last Friday. It was a beautiful sunny and 80 degrees. The name of the business and the owner is related to another company I had recently worked with. For those of you who doesn’t know what SEO stands for, it is “search engine optimization”. Essentially, what this company does is optimizes local Sacramento sites with web design and optimization SEO services, serving as a consultant.

Sacramento, CA at night

I met with the owner, who’s a actually the SEO expert himself. He said that he had moved to Sacramento from the Bay Area over a decade ago. Before venturing into SEO and helping companies obtain higher Google and Bing rankings, he was in charge of website design and communications for the Bay area territory. Although he enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the big city, he says that he had found a home up here in Northern California. Now, he works with companies from all over the valley. He provides customer services and technical support to people from Fairfield, Dixon, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Lincoln, Folsom, and Cameron Park. That’s not too big of a region.

Who can use this service

So what types of companies could use SEO? He said all types, pretty much ranging from your mom and pop shop to a fortune 500 company. Anybody can benefit from a higher ranking and thus more customer web traffic. The web traffic leads to more interest, exposure, and conversion.

What was I suppose to do there? It’s not like he had products or a big fancy showroom. Turns out, he wanted me to follow him to meet some clients and take some business relations pictures and get testimonies. So it was an easy gig.

We spend the entire day traveling from one company to another, making business connections and networking. We met people who worked out of their homes to ultra secured facilities which require a high level of clearance. Snap this, snap that, flash here, flash there, and call it a wrap. Easy money.

One thing that was memorable to me was during lunch, when I asked him more about his business structure and how he finds customers. He said mostly from of course the internet as he is ranked at the top of Google in Sacramento so it was easy to find him. He also is pretty involve in social networking and going to meet and greet functions as well in the community.

Sandy X.